Fitter management

When planning for customer engineering, the dispatcher often needs to consider predefined visiting days and timeframes. The fitters' varying qualifications represent a significant criterion for the planning.


A planning software for customer engineering needs to be able to extend, change or reschedule routes on a daily basis within a given time period, until the visiting times are being confirmed with the customer. At this stage, routes may only be extended without changing any of the previously planned visits.



  • Route planning, e.g. for the measurement and fitting of shower cabins
  • Creating routes including the tasks per visiting day
  • Best possible route suggestions for single visits

Planning constraints

  • Consideration of individual customer visiting times
  • Consideration of individual durations of stay at the customer, depending on the nature of the task (measuring and different types of fitting)
  • Consideration of varying fitters' qualifications
  • Creation of one or two day routes, including overnight stays

Technical constraints

  • high level of integration with the preceding ERP-System
  • fully automatic fast geocoding; if neccessary with prior address check in order to guarantee an automatic location quota of ca. 99%.