Textile and laundry services

Textile rental services


Textile rental services are highly service-oriented businesses. Their services are requested in many different areas.

  • Health care: (hospitals, care facilities)
  • Industry / hotel and catering companies

Services include the complete textile provision of hospitals, professional clothing and workware renral for the manufacturing industry as well as mat and washing room services in the hotel and catering industry. As a maximum in service is also offered with regard to logistics, route planning has to meet specific requirements.

  • Route planning is based on fixed standard routes
  • Routes must be timed reliably, goods must be delivered to the customer on time.
  • Services such as the unloading and storing of the goods need to be considered within route planning.

With the TourViewer, you can:

  • As needed (strategically):
    • Revise master routes.
    • Incorporate new customers into existing routes in the best possible way and make binding statements about delivery times.
    • Consider service times (e.g. unloading and storing) within a route.
    • Simulate alternative vehicle types and their impact on the routes.
  • Daily:
    • Create new routes with graphic support.
    • Detect route overloads and alternate clients between routes.
    • Detect the violation of customer time limits and react accordingly.
    • Incorporate new orders into existing routes in the best possible way.